To say we love this engagement shoot is an understatement. We could ramble for paragraphs yet every time we think about this shoot we’re speechless. Any use of words lacks the depth to depict our joy from this engagement but, we can only use so many adjectives before exhausting our vocab and minds. Do you remember that scene from Ratatouille where Remy first experienced food? That is exactly how we felt when we directed Will and Lisa to stand together. There was no hesitation. They both smiled and embraced.

We first met at Johnny Noodle King, which is where Will and Lisa went on their first date (If you have never been there we suggest you take an extended lunch to experience “Johnny, King of the Noodle” as our five year son aptly calls it) From the first few clicks we knew this was no ordinary engagement shoot. Will and Lisa embraced each other naturally. The way their arms and bodies intermingled one another was effortless and natural. After seeing all of this we knew the rest of this engagement would be amazing! After adventuring around New Center finding interesting tunnels to photograph in we headed to William G. Milliken State Park and Harbor to finish up with some photographs by the water with a little greenery.

 – Jacob

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