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The Motor City. Motown. Hockeytown. All these names speak of the essences of this city, but nothing rings like it’s given name. Detroit. A city on everyone’s horizon and the place we call home. We are always guaranteed that when we say we are Detroit Wedding Photographers questions come up from what is it like here, is it dangerous, and are houses really cheap. Still, as we explore and the more we dig our roots we find Detroit is unlike any other city. It’s no wonder why, anywhere we are in the world people know or have heard about Detroit. They’ve seen and heard of its failures, but few get to experience its treasures like photographing wedding in Detroit.

So whether you are planning your wedding in Detroit or just visiting, know Detroit is something special. With some of the most unique wedding venues in Michigan to some of the best food Detroit fits has something for all pallets. From an Art Deco masterpiece to a defunct bank turned art exhibit the styles abound each with a little flare from years past, yet still uniquely Detroit. If you are getting married in Detroit bring us along to photograph it all.

Speramus meliora resurget cineribus
“We hope for better things; it will arise from the ashes.”

Traveling through Michigan photographing weddings, engagements, and couples we photograph there is opportunity in Detroit unlike any other. From planning your wedding here or a romantic couple/engagement shoot we’ve got you. Whether you have explored the city or not we love any reason to find ourselves exploring Detroit again. Let us know your favorite haunts or we can show you a few of our favorites. Just bring us along to photograph it all. To get started send us a note

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Every moment and every detail carries the weight of the narrative. That is the cornerstones of our approach to wedding photography.