Who we are

We are Robyn + Finch aka Robyn and Jacob. Based out of Detroit, Michigan. Together we make up half of the equation that is us. The other part is our son named Augustine and our cuddly cat named Boris. With everything we have deep desires to create. From food to photography we find ourselves fully immersed in the subject. Wanting to know every detail, study the imperfections, and understand it completely. Molding and shaping our ideas into a captured image is above all one of our favorite parts of what we do. If we feel like taking a little break from the day to day hustle we can be found wandering the city taking photos stopping occasionally for cocktails, beer, or coffee.

Images by Sullivan & Sullivan


How this all started

We’re based in the Midwest, Pacific North West, and Guatemala.

We’re Robyn & Jacob. A southerner gal and a midwestern boy. Who first crossed paths in college while shoe shopping. After chasing each other for a while we took a journey overseas to Hong Kong.

While there we had the crazy idea to drop everything we had in Missouri and move. Once we returned we left nearly everything we owned and moved to Michigan. All we can say is when love is involved it doesn’t matter where you are or what you have, but chasing some crazy outlandish dream is worth it.

Who we are


Wife + Hugger + Blanket thief

Momma + Co-sleeper + Unschooler

All in all, Robyn just loves a good moody romantic story. She cries all the time, but mostly happy tears. Drinks way too much coffee, and loves a good Gin and Tonic. She has an incredibly emotional soul and is constantly on the lookout for a moment of raw emotion.

Robyn is the curator of all the work you see on here, social media, and the photos we end up delivering to you.


Husband + Dad + Introvert

Jacob sees all things as a challenge, but all things are not seen as competition. From refining a recipe to figuring out new ways to look at a situation Jacob enjoys the process versus the outcome in most cases. Loves an Old Fashioned (without cherry because that is pretty much a Manhattan) or glass of bourbon neat. City obsessed and always on the lookout for the next best ramen shop or making it fresh at home.


Son + Punk + City Kid

If anything can be said about Augustine its that he loves Punk, He lives and dreams it, his goal in life is to be in a Punk band just like Circle Jerks, Dead Kennedys and Black Flag. He says sometimes that he might also be a photographer when hes not busy playing music. Sometimes he comes along on sessions of family and friends as our 3rd shooter and captures images that i am jealous of. He sees in light and shadows and lives life as a literal anime character. If you really want to get him talking, just ask him about Futurama, Naruto or music.


Do you travel?

Oh, we travel. Where do you wanna go? Take us with you!

Do you both always photograph together?

He's the tonic to my gin.

She's the bitters to my bourbon.

So yes.

How long do we have to wait to get our wedding photos?

6-8 weeks as we personally edit every photo we deliver.

How much will it cost me to have Augustine show up and shoot with you?

"ummmm....well.....that will cost you a lolly pop, a lego set and some peanut butter crackers."

Can we meet before the wedding?

Yes please! We would love nothing more than sitting down with you over a cocktail or coffee and chatting about wedding plans.